I'll Sit This One Out (Step Back)

by Adan Bean

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I wrote this song in 2012. It's crazy that it's just now seeing the light of day 3 years later. I sat down with James (it's gonna take awhile for me to get used to calling him that) for a studio session (...our first of only two studio sessions) and he asked how I've been feeling.

He asks, "What are you listening to these days?"

"Don't hate me...but I'm kinda really listening to Prince's catalog as an adult for the first time" I said.

"Oh yeah, I can't make fun of you. I don't know."

"What are you listening to?" I ask.

"This Lana Del Rey."



The breakbeat came first. I started playing around with the idea of being out of synch with someone in a relationship. The main line that came first "she don't wanna dance, I can't get her to clap." From there, I laid a mock chorus and wrote much of the 2nd verse. I went home and finished up the song the next day, but it still a couple months before I got back in the studio.

Now would be a good time to say this: James Portier may be the most talented producer/musicians/singers that I have ever worked with...but he's also incredibly busy. Like INCREDIBLY so. I hope, someday, that we're able to do some more work together. That is, if ya'll like this song...

Anyway, I always felt like there should be another vocal tone on the record once I finished my part. I couldn't convince Jamie to add his dulcet tones to the song so I bribed another one of my favorite singers on the planet, JoJo Martin, to assist. I have a long history of working with him via The Remnant so it was great to grab another familiar face on this solo endeavor.

I worked out things with schedules and we set up shop at Futuristic Vintage studios with my guy John "Joules" Song (see The Remnant's "Indian Summer" LP) to continue working on it. JoJo was taking my instruction for much of the session early on, but I like to work with people who know their domain. JoJo asked if he could vocally "produce" it himself, and I said, "by all means." The Enya-like wail you hear in the beginning is just JoJo doing JoJo. By the time he was done, I felt like we were on to something special.

My last piece was reaching out to the supremely talented Yamin Semali - a dope artist in his own right - to come along, feel out the song and add some cuts. True professional, he turned the record around in almost 24 hours with what you hear now. (Bonus points for those of you that can identify the reference.)

And there you have it. Somewhere between Prince and Lana Del Rey, I wrote "I Think I'll Sit This One Out". Shoutouts to Deacon (of Cunninlynguist) and Change for helping wrap up the loose ends on the single.

Lastly, I'll say this is my first official release as solo artist. I've been recording solo material for a few years now but not really putting anything out. That changes this year. Before getting to the new stuff, I felt I had to clean out my closet. Although, it's not new - I do think it's ripe.

I hope you enjoy. Take care of each other.

In a minute,

Adán Bean

NEWS FLASH - JoJo needs a new kidney. He's been on dialysis 9 hours for 7 days a week. He's needing to raise 10K for the transplant procedure. Although that was meant (in the short span of 8 hours), there's still much to be done. So all sales from this single will go towards JoJo's rehab and support during the whole process. If you'd like to give directly, then you can do so here while the campaign is open - www.gofundme.com/luuou8


released February 10, 2015
Additional vocals JoJo Martin
Cuts by Yamin Semali

Produced by James Portier
Mixed by John Song
Mastered by Change



all rights reserved


Adan Bean Atlanta, Georgia

“I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” ~Joan Didion

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